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fiona painted jewelry “Sincerely Painted from Heart with Joy, Cherish the love with beloved" From first brush touch to last paint then finishing, every fiona jewelry is made with passion and delicacy from true heart of joyful artisan. We know the only way to create a treasure beyond jewelry appearance is having artisan treat his/her work as THE ONLY ONE masterpiece. Most important, one step at a time and can not be rushed. Are you able to do one stroke as tiny as 1mm on less than 10mm round & slippery glass surface within 3 seconds? Also 3 errors will destroy the work? Wouldn’t you be amazed and wondering how many strokes on every fiona painted jewelry? Of course the achievement and all beautiful works are not built overnight. The story starts from year 2000 with inquiry of painted bracelet made with simple strips and dots. It might looks as easy task now. However, just making tiny paint stays on glass and durable enough from scratch with other object: fiona tried and error and tested many years. You might be surprised that humidity in air has great impact on quality of finished paint. Beyond that, now every fiona jewelry has to be strong enough to resist degrading from everyday sweating. From day 1, fiona hand-painted jewelry target high standard of using famous “Layered Painting Skill” instead of flat water paint gift or jewelry on market. In order to achieve “Layered Painting”, each color stroke or paint must go through “AIR DRY 12~24 hours” which depends on humidity and temperature in paint studio. Every fiona jewelry is painted with 1, 2, 4, 6 and more layers in most fine painted styles. The whole painting steps takes A WEEK in order to achieve high quality standard. Wouldn’t you laugh how silly we are, right? “That’s what made fiona jewelry ONE OF THE KIND.” Every painted work is cherished by artisan with quality that will never be trade-off by any reason. This oath has never been changed since first piece of fiona jewelry made back to year 2001. Did I mention about fiona jewelry comply lead safe and California highest standard with test report as early as 2006? At least 2 years ahead of regulation announced! Did you know over 90% of fiona hand-painted jewelry not having any metal part? Actually, on the contrary of avoiding making children’s jewelry these years, fiona starts “Kid’s painted jewelry line” from 2009 and market grows and expanded rapidly. Because fiona believe kids deserve high quality and safe accessory with desire to express her uniqueness like you and me. Like founder and designer Fiona Lin says: “The cherish and love from artisan through paint on every fiona jewelry will be agreed and passing on to everyone who wears it.”

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